A loan officer once referred me to a client who was interested in selling her home and buying a bigger one.  Unfortunately, my client couldn't qualify for the home of her dream and if she couldn't buy that home, she didn't want to sell.  As much as I questioned her loan officer about possible options, she repeatedly told me that nothing could be done to assist her in qualifying for a higher priced home.  I spoke with my client and asked her to give me a breakdown of her bills and the monthly minimum payment and remaining balance for each bill.  I found out that her car payment was preventing her from qualifying for her dream home, but the remaining balance was about $12,000.  Since my client was going to get about $45,000 in net proceeds from the sale of her home, I asked her if she'd be willing to pay off her car, so she could qualify for a higher amount.  She said she was already planning to do just that.  When I asked her loan officer what she'd qualify for without the car payment, it was around the exact amount she needed to have her dream home built. 

This particular loan officer is really great at what she does.  But, sometimes, we're so close to a situation, that it's hard for us to pinpoint other options.  In situations such as this, your real estate agent could be your best advocate.  So, choose an agent who's knowledgeable of financing and isn't afraid to ask probing questions.  Having a well-rounded real estate agent, will arm you with more tools and resources, which could be the difference in you qualifying for your dream home or settling for your current place or another home.