Even though you cannot control all of the variables involved in selling your home in the least amount of time, there are certain steps you can take to put the odds in your favor.  Highlighted below are a few things you can do to improve your chances of selling your home for the most money and in the shortest time period:

1.  Avoid Overpricing:  Everyone wants to get top dollar for their home.  If you are considering overpricing your home to see if you can get a little bit more cash or as part of some negotiation tactic, you may want to re-consider it.  Homes that are overpriced typically stay on the market longer and sell for much less than it normally would have.   The longer a home stays on the market, the more prospective buyers will think that something must be wrong with the property.  

In the aftermath of the recent housing crisis, potential buyers seem to know when a home is overpriced and they steer clear of it.   So much information is now easily accessible to buyers, such as public tax records, current and previous MLS listings, and data on recent home sales in the neighborhood.  Make sure you take a close look at past sales when deciding on a price for your home, instead of just basing it around where active listings in your neighborhood are priced.

2.  Make Showings Convenient:  Once your home has hit the market, try to be as flexible as possible with showings.  Sometimes, postponing or rescheduling a showing can cost you a buyer.  Keep in mind that your home is likely one of many homes that the buyer will be viewing.  

3.  Showing Etiquette:  Although you may still be living in your home, commit to keeping your home in tip top condition while showings are going on.  Don’t wait to spruce up your home until after you get a showing request.   Your home should be ready to show at any moment.    Whenever possible, have lights turned on for showings and shades open to allow for ample natural lighting; light candles in safe areas if you know you won’t be away from your home for long; have soothing music, such as jazz, playing in the background; have a jar or bowl of treats that prospective buyers can enjoy; and, have an inviting aroma in the air, such as freshly baked cookies.  

4.  Maintaining Your Home:  Continue to upkeep your home, while it is on the market.  Take care of any needed repairs and keep your lawn well-maintained.  Make sure all areas of your home are clean, including ceiling fan blades.  Floors should be in broom-swept condition and carpets should be vacuumed regularly, to ensure it remains in top showing condition.  Remove clutter from your home and keep it clutter-free, so that buyers can easily see themselves in your home, instead of feeling like they are intruding on someone else’s space.

We hope you find these tips helpful in properly showcasing your home, so it sells in the least amount of time.  To find out more about effectively staging your home and pricing it right, contact one of our skillful agents today.