I was scrolling through the channels last night trying to decide what to watch and settled on Rocky III.  I was not expecting to watch the entire movie, but, after a few minutes, I became engrossed in its magic.  My feet kept bouncing as I sat in the chair, as though I were in the ring with Mr. T, trying to get him angry enough to exhaust all his energy, so I could move in for the kill.  Despite how I tried, my feet would not stop moving!  Once you hear the Eye of the Tiger song on the Rocky movies, we have all been conditioned to believe that anything is possible when you believe.

So, what has made the Rocky franchise so compelling and profitable?  We can all relate to having a goal and wanting to achieve it against all odds.  An important component to successfully attaining a goal is to find out your why – or purpose.  Why do you want to have the goal?  How will it impact your life?  Your family’s life?  Without knowing your purpose, you may not have enough energy to sustain you through to its completion.  If your goal this year is to buy or sell a home, make sure you connect with a real estate agent who is not afraid to ask you probing questions, so you can become clear about your goal and why it is important to you.  Once you become clear about your goal, you, too, can have the eye of the tiger!