My volume has definitely picked-up.  It’s still mainly first time homebuyers, but they can start a chain reaction.  The people selling those houses (if they aren’t foreclosures) are move-up buyers.  Sellers are motivated.  They seem to get it that their house needs curb appeal, and  they need to be realistic on price.   What some of them may not get yet, is that now is the time to buy if you are going to need to move anytime within the next few years, because you’re expanding your family, want to move to a better school district, or just want a different location, more space, or for any other reason.  Taking advantage of rates where they are now is like winning the lottery!  If you’re moving up, you’ll save a lot more with your lower monthly interest rate,than you will waiting for the price of your present home to go up.  We have a window of opportunity here, and I hope  people are not being lulled into the mistaken notion that rates will stay this low forever.  Those of us who have been in this business for awhile, know that’s not true, no matter what the Fed says.  Just let inflation raise its head, and we’ll see rates climb.  In the meantime, folks need to take advantage of where we are right now.