Whether you are in the market for a new car, shopping for groceries, or gearing up to purchase a home, everyone wants to save money.  The amount of money you’ll have to invest in your home purchase may likely differ, sometimes substantially, from what your friend or family member experienced during their home buying process.  So, if a friend tells you that he didn’t have to come out of pocket with anything at closing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same rule will apply to your situation. A first-time home buyer whose income falls within certain guidelines may be eligible to receive grant funds.  Many grant programs can only be used in conjunction with a particular loan program. And, access to some loan programs is contingent upon having and maintaining a minimum credit score or not exceeding an income limit. Your real estate professional should be able to assist you in finding a lender who can best help you to purchase a home, at terms that will offer you the most savings.