The phones are ringing, people are pre-qualifying, and it looks like we may have the makings for a spring market.  Let’s hope so!  One factor which may be missing is consumer confidence, and we can effect that.  We need to stop talking about how bad the market is, and talk about how much opportunity there is.  Underwriting is tight, but at least banks have money to lend, and “where there is a will, there is a way.” 

FHA still allows parents to co-sign for children, even if the kid is a full-time student without any income.  Also, it’s time to take a look at PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) again as something other than a bad word.  The PMI on a 95% conventional loan is a lot less than the PMI on a FHA 96.5% loan.  Grant money is available.  Rates are great.  Prices are low.  Who have you told recently about these amazing opportunies?  Don’t assume everyone knows.  Let’s make sure we are positive, and share the good news that it’s a uniquely great time to buy (and finance) real estate.