Have you found a home that you'd love to own?  Before making an offer on your dream home, get a CLUE - that is, a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.  CLUE is a claims history database that was created by ChoicePoint, to enable insurance companies to access consumer claims information when they are underwriting or rating an insurance policy.  The CLUE report contains consumer information and, if applicable, property information, such as the number and type of claims filed and the payment on each claim.  This database contains up to 7 years of personal property claims history.   All insurance companies may not subscribe to this service, but have other ways of accessing similar information to determine whether or not to insure a person and/or property and the rate to apply. 

So, how does this report impact you?  If you're about to purchase a home and the current owner has filed lots of claims on it, chances are, you may have a difficult time finding an insurance company who's willing to insure it or the insurance amount may be substantially higher than what's common for that area.  If there's a particular monthly payment that you'd like to stay at or below, it'd be to your advantage to get insurance quotes before making an offer on a home.  Although you cannot access the current owner's CLUE report, you can request that the owner provide you with a copy of his or her CLUE report in your offer and make your offer contingent upon your insurance quote not exceeding a certain amount.  Insurance companies that are members of this claims history database would also have access to the CLUE report.