When selecting a REALTOR to represent you in the purchase or sale of your home, the attitude - of your agent - is everything.  Sometimes, in the home buying and selling process, it's so easy for either side to lose sight of what's most important.   Buyers and sellers both have goals they'd like to achieve and it's up to their respective agent to negotiate the deal on their behalf.   By asking thought provoking questions, your agent should know what's most important to you in the purchase or sale of your home and, whether you realize it or not, it's not always about money. 

Your success in negotiating the best terms for the purchase or sale of your home is in direct proportion to your agent's attitude.  To ensure that you have optimum results in the home buying or selling process, your agent needs to remain level headed and open minded.   If your real estate agent gets hot tempered, negotiations can fall apart.  To negotiate effectively, your agent will need to remain open to hearing the other side's point of view and unveiling the other person's most pressing issues, while keeping your concerns in mind.   Your agent's willingness to remain open to all viewpoints, will allow him or her to objectively convey the issues to you and brainstorm on ways to create a win-win for both parties.  

If your agent is unwilling to hear what the other party has to say, then negotiations become blocked and relationships can become strained and tensed.  If you're a doubting Thomas, think about a time when you were stressed and angry.  How likely were you to come up with solutions to your problem?  And, in that state of anger and frustration, did you actually hear the other person's concerns or were you plagued mostly with your feelings, opinions, and need to be right?  It's hard to take in information, when you think your way of doing things is right.  So, when choosing an agent to represent you in the purchase or sale of a home, make sure your agent is even-tempered and well-skilled in the art of negotiations.