This past Saturday marked SunTrust’s 34thmarathon in the Richmond area.  I stood close to the finish line, mesmerized by the countless faces who demonstrated what is possible when we set a goal and decide to see it through to fruition.  I saw a man cross the finish line – 77 years young – well under the four hour marker on the clock.  And I saw a man whose vision about completing the race was so clear and defined, that at least two other runners held him up so he could cross the finish line.  Simply impressive and inspiring!  Nearby where I was standing, there was a man shouting to runners as they crossed the finish line, “Good job!  Good run!” 

As I cheered for each runner who crossed the line, I realized that there was something very profound and universal that inspired onlookers to celebrate the victory of those who chose to participate.  Amidst all of the seeming differences that we have there is a common thread that binds us all – the drive to better ourselves, expand our comfort zone, and, perhaps, further define what else is possible.  The next annual SunTrust marathon is Saturday, November 10, 2012. I think I’ll start training for it now.